Afternoon News Update for Wednesday, 10/16/13.


Shawn Ryan/Justin Lin Period Drama Set In Hawaii Gets Fox Put Pilot Commitment
Shawn Ryan
is heading back to the fifties with a new drama project, which has landed at Fox with a put pilot commitment. Co-written by Ryan and Davey Holmes, with Fast & The FuriousJustin Lin directing, the untitled project is set in 1957 in the Territory of Hawaii, which is on a path to become the 50th state in the Union two years later. Statehood and tourism are about to make a few men very rich, and when the brother of a small-time Hawaiian hustler is murdered, he resolves to wage war on the most powerful man on the island. Sony Pictures TV, where Ryan’s MiddKidd Prods. is based, is producing, with Ryan, Lin and Holmes executive producing alongside MiddKidd’s Marney Hochman and Danielle Woodrow of Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment.

Stephanie Savage To Pen ‘Astronaut Wives Club’ For ABC, Fake Empire & Groundswell
has put in development TheAstronaut Wives Club, a limited drama series from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s Fake Empire and Michael London’s Groundswell Prods. based on Lily Koppel’s best-selling novel published this summer. It will be penned by Savage in her first TV writing effort since co-creating Gossip Girl with Schwartz. I hear the project is being fast-tracked, possibly for summer, with potential February-March start date eyed. ABC Studios, where Fake Empire is based, is producing. Set in the 1960s with a modern feel, The Astronaut Wives Club tells the true story of the women behind NASA’s early astronauts and the struggles they face when their lives and families are catapulted into the spotlight overnight.

Shaun Cassidy Inks Overall Deal With Universal TV
Universal Television
is going into business with Shaun Cassidy. The studio has signed the Invasion creator to a two-year overall deal. Under the pact, Cassidy will create and develop new projects for the studio.

Animated Comedy From Ed Helms & Graham Wagner Gets NBC Presentation Order
is renewing its efforts to bring animation back to its comedy lineup. The network has given a presentation order to Mystery Island, an animated comedy voiced and co-written by The Office alum Ed Helms. Helms has teamed on the project with former Office writer-producer Graham Wagner. The duo are co-writing Mystery Island — set on an island where holidaymakers get marooned after their cruise ship malfunctions — for Universal TV.

ABC’s The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife Get Order For Additional Scripts
has handed its new Tuesday comedy block a (measured) vote of confidence. The network has ordered three additional scripts of both The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife.

TV’s Top Showrunners Talk Deleted Scenes, Network Censorship, More
THR: Before I became a showrunner, I wish someone had warned me about… Christopher Lloyd (Modern Family): Executives and notes. I’m often reminded of a story about Marvin Gaye. In his prime, he was a big strong guy, who fancied himself a decent boxer. One day he met this heavyweight fighter (not a champion, but a contender) and told him he wanted to spar with him. They made the date and Marvin Gaye came in kind of cocky, sure he was going to beat this guy, demanding that the guy not go easy on him, and … the guy kind of beat him up. Afterward, a reporter who had observed the whole thing asked the boxer why he’d done so and he said, "This is what I do all day long. This is all I’ve ever done. How could he disrespect me like that? This ring is my office."

(review) io9: Agents of SHIELD is feeling more like Alias… thank goodness
All in all, the fourth episode of SHIELD is the first one that feels as though the show’s starting to find its potential. And a lot of that has to do with working really well as a spy show — including giving the team some counterspies to cope with, who apparently have tricks of their own. Bring on the Alias-style secret missions and wigs, please.

(ratings) ABC leads in ratings among upscale young adults
What do the wealthy young people watch? Apparently, a lot of "Modern Family," "Big Bang Theory" and "Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Counting the first three weeks of the fall TV season, those are the top-rated broadcast shows among upscale young adults, according to data from Nielsen. In this context, "upscale young adults" are people in the key 18-49 age demographic in homes with a yearly income of $100,000 or more. ABC also leads among 18-49 viewers in households making $150,000 or more.,0,3103594.story


Fox, Chernin Set Dennis Lehane To Adapt ‘Silk Road’
20th Century Fox
and Chernin Entertainment have set best-selling author Dennis Lehane to script Silk Road, a fact-based tale taken from an article that Joshua Davis is writing for the Epic website. It’s the true story of a young kid who was arrested for putting out a hit on the clients of the Silk Road, the illegal online bazaar he created where one could buy illegal goods including drugs or services like contract killings.

Why Reality-Based Films are Flooding the Oscar Race
“Audiences need familiarity with a topic,” director Bill Condon says. “The big problem with movies today is not only getting them made, but getting them seen, and real-life narratives help audiences feel they are going into something they are already aware of.”


‘Small Town Security’ Renewed by AMC for Season 3; Network Greenlights Unscripted Series ‘King of Arms’
announced today that it has greenlit a new unscripted series, King Of Arms, a look inside the raw and highly-competitive world of American arm wrestling. The 10-episode, one-hour, series will premiere in the first quarter of next year, timed to the second half of the fourth season of The Walking Dead. The network also announced that it was renewing its unique and acclaimed series Small Town Security for a third season.

Syfy Extends Season 1 of ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ With Order of Six Additional Episodes
continues to shine the spotlight on the exciting and creative world of competitive cosplay by ordering 6 additional episodes of its breakout reality series Heroes of Cosplay.


Paradigm to Help Clients Sell Videos on Facebook with Startup LittleCast
Talent agency Paradigm plans to steer entertainment clients toward LittleCast, a startup whose system lets content creators sell video directly through Facebook pages and mobile apps. Under a new partnership, Paradigm will help San Francisco-based LittleCast with talent acquisition and strategic business relationships for the startup’s social video monetization platform.


Netflix Was Supposed to Kill Cable, So Why Is It Begging to Join Cable?
and cable TV are rivals, in a way. Young households, especially young single people living alone or with just one roommate, no doubt see Netflix as a nice alternative to full-blown cable, and at 1/9th the price. But Netflix and cable are also complements. Most of the 100+ million TV-watching households still seem to consider Netflix a nice-to-have addition to their gotta-have linear programming. This rumored deal gives both sides something obvious. Cable companies would get America’s most popular on-demand TV channel, making them more attractive. And Netflix would get easier access to millions of older families that have resisted streaming, because they prefer the old-fashioned couch-and-screen TV experience without fussing over Web boxes and iPad video.