Morning News Update for Tuesday, 8/12/14.

Hi all! Here’s your first news update for Tuesday, 8/12/14:


‘Dexter’s’ Michael C. Hall to Star in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘God Fearing Man’ Miniseries
Entertainment One
is producing the former feature script as a miniseries and shopping the project to networks. God Fearing Man is being adapted for television by British screenwriter Stephen R. Clark and tells the true story of Canadian minister Herbert Emerson Wilson, who went on to become one of the best safecrackers and most successful American bank robbers in the early 20th century.

TBS and MTV Acquire ‘New Girl’ Cable Syndication Rights
TBS and MTV have acquired basic cable syndication rights for 20th Century Fox’s “New Girl,” which will make its cable debut in fall 2015. Under the five-year pact, TBS and MTV will air the series on weekdays. Netflix already has U.S. streaming rights for the laffer.

(review) Variety: ‘Legends’
Developed by “24” and “Homeland” producer Howard Gordon, the series about a deep-cover operative is adapted from Robert Littell’s novel, but probably owes a more sizable debt in TV terms to “Wiseguy,” a late-’80s artifact that felt very much ahead of its time. “Legends,” by contrast, is rooted in its “Blacklist”-informed present, trying — and not fully succeeding – to infuse a cop procedural with a deeper mythological spine.


LAT: Is Hollywood’s summer slump finally coming to an end?
Godzilla couldn’t do it. Spidey couldn’t do it. Tom Cruise couldn’t do it. In the end, history may show that it took the combined forces of a gun-toting space raccoon, a talking tree and four crime-fighting turtles to finally break Hollywood’s Great Summer Slump of 2014.


Comedy Central Renews Chris Hardwick’s ‘@midnight’
@midnght,” host Chris Hardwick’s popular weeknight panel show that famously mixes the best of what both social media and improv comedy have to offer, has been given a second season order at Comedy Central.

Showtime Presents ‘Heather McDonald: I Don’t Mean to Brag’ on Friday, August 29 at 9PM
HEATHER MCDONALD: I DON’T MEAN TO BRAG captures the unique point-of-view of comedian, NY Times Best-Selling Author, and actress Heather McDonald. Heather’s completely fresh and one-of-a-kind perspective on life as a working mom is an original and edgy take on the standard American family.

Chef Roy Choi Is Getting His Own Show on CNN
Kogi taco mixmaster/chef/Jon Favreau’s BFF Roy Choi is currently filming a new show for CNN. CNN confirms that Choi has joined the network. Based on several tweets, the show appears to be named Street Food. The theme seems like a natural fit for the man who popularized food truck culture.


AdWeek: These YouTubers Are This Generation’s Rock Stars
Between touring and endorsements, Moran and the five other boys who make up O2L—Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff and former member Connor Franta—stand to earn in the five to six figures for about four weeks on the road. That haul can grow if the vloggers manage to secure, say, a $1,000 to $2,000 sponsored Instagram photo or $40,000 to $50,000 for a customized branded video. What makes these guys bankable to advertisers like Invisalign? The legions of loyal teen fans who not only follow them online but who also fill arenas just to catch a glimpse of them. Those fangirls (and a few fanboys)—the same demo that’s tuning out of traditional media like TV and magazines in favor of streaming video, social media and mobile devices—happily claw at a barrier 100 feet away to just snap a picture of O2L’s tour bus.


Rubicon TV fills development role
Rubicon TV
, the production outfit behind mob drama Lilyhammer, has upped producer Gard Mortensen to become its head of development.

Relativity Taps ‘Ride Along’ Producer To Head New Multicultural Division
The producer of hits such as Ride Along, the Barbershop franchise and the upcoming NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton has been tapped as EVP Production and President of Relativity Media‘s newly formed multicultural division. Matt Alvarez will be tasked with building out Relativity’s slate with an emphasis on projects driven by diverse filmmakers, beginning this month.


And the Most Popular Torrented TV Shows and Movies Are…
Unsurprisingly, the behemoth Game of Thrones dominated in 15 states. The macabre new Showtime series Penny Dreadful managed to slide into second place, beating out fan favorites like Big Bang Theory and 24. MTV’s teen comedy Awkward fared well in the South, while critically acclaimed series Fargo was favored on the East and West Coasts.

Comcast Confessions: growing pains of a Goliath
The Verge interviewed more than 150 current and former employees in an effort to understand Comcast’s lousy reputation. We heard the same stories over and over again: customer service has been replaced by an obsession with sales; technicians are understaffed while tech support is poorly trained; and the company is hobbled by internal fragmentation. This installment is about how Comcast’s splintered organizational structure undermines efforts to improve customer service.

Variety: The Showrunner Must Go On
Whatever the doubts about its origins, “showrunner” joined the lexicon as a response to the more promiscuous granting of “executive producer” credits, as managers, big-name actors and (in the case of reality shows) network executives increasingly began to claim the title. With a half-dozen or more people sometimes sharing that designation, sorting out who was ultimately in charge became an issue.

(comic book) A strong, self-absorbed female protagonist pushes the boundaries of spacetime
Leigh Alexander talks to Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan O’Malley about his new book. Katie, the protagonist of Seconds, is 29. And also falling apart: Having had her first major "hit" with a restaurant called Seconds, Katie’s now in a rut. Seconds nails that same blend of the inventive and the familiar that made Scott Pilgrim such an inviting work. It also prickles the reader with the same sense of watching a car wreck — although Katie is much more likeable than Scott, you’re watching a troubled and periodically-immature person make choices you tend to think are destructive.

(books) NYT: Publishers Turn to the Crowd to Find the Next Best Seller
Publishers are increasingly tapping the collective wisdom of the crowd to help them in the hunt for literary treasures on the web. Swoon Reads, a young-adult imprint that is part of Macmillan Publishing, is upending the traditional discovery process by using crowdsourcing to select all its titles. By bringing a reality-television-style talent competition to its digital slush pile, the publisher is hoping to find potential best sellers that reflect not editors’ tastes but the collective wisdom and whims of the crowd.