Afternoon News Update for Friday, October 24, 2014.

Hi all! Here’s your afternoon news update for Friday, October 24, 2014. Have a great weekend!


‘Two & Half Men’ Co-Creator Lee Aronsohn & Marcus Wiley Sell Comedy To ABC
Lee Aronsohn
is returning to TV with a new multi-camera comedy project, Totally Illegal, which has been set up at ABC with Marcus Wiley producing through ABC Studios. Totally Illegal takes a different spin on the idea of assimilation and immigration experiences in the framework of a family show. It is based on the real-life exploits of producer Kelly Slattery, who arrived in the U.S. from rural Canada as an illegal alien and was taken in by a Mexican American family who had been U.S. citizens for many generations. Aronsohn will write the script for the project, which he will co-create with Slattery. Aronsohn and Wiley executive produce.

Starz Ballet Drama ‘Flesh And Bone’ To Become Limited Series
With filming on the upcoming eight-episode Starz drama series Flesh And Bone completed, the pay cable network has decided to air the project as a limited series. The format switch will require no script changes, reshoots or additional footage, with the eight episodes airing as originally written and the current finale standing as a suitable conclusion to the limited series.

Adam Davidson To Direct Pilot For ‘The Walking Dead’ Companion Series
has tasked Adam Davidson with creating the visual world of The Walking Dead companion series. The veteran TV helmer has been tapped as director of the high-profile pilot, slated to film late this year. The spinoff takes place during the same zombie apocalypse depicted on The Walking Dead but in a different location. AMC Studios is producing.

(review) TV Addict: USA’s BENCHED is the Perfect Coupe-ing Mechanism
Eliza Coupe, one of America’s great unknown national treasures, stars in USA’s newest original comedy, “Benched,” premiering October 28. Even if it wasn’t premiering amidst a meager fall for new comedies, “Benched” would stand out as a notch above the rest. With a top-tier cast, sharp writing, and a plot seemingly weathered to pair alongside USA’s ’round-the-clock crime procedurals, it’s the cabler’s best effort yet to establish it’s comedy brand.

(review) THR: ‘Constantine’
The pilot is very spotty. That doesn’t help either. However – and given some of the dialogue and other nonsense tonight, that’s a pretty big however – there’s still hope that Constantine can turn into something you might want to spend an hour with on Fridays.

TVBTN: A Brief History of (TV) Failure
What does a network do when they have a failure and nothing to replace it with? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If a failed show is staying above the level of repeats (or if the network, like Fox, simply doesn’t have any shows to repeat), the only modern option is to just let the flop air until you can reboot with a new show at that natural reset point in January. Networks might be able to cut the size of the order down slightly (as with Mulaney), but will likely be forced to keep airing failed shows, at least until Holiday specials can take over. Or to summarize, Fox’s Mob Doctor wasn’t a weird historical footnote. It was the harbinger of our new, terrifying present.


‘Switched at Birth’ Scores ‘My So-Called Life’ Star for Season 4
Bess Armstrong
boards the series in a recurring role.

BSG’s Tricia Helfer Suits Up as Harvey’s Foe
Tricia Helfer
is set to guest-star on USA Network’s legal hit as an adversary to Mike and Harvey.

‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Cast in Syfy Miniseries
Charles Dance
will be one of the leads in Syfy’sChildhood’s End.” The six-hour miniseries, which is an adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s classic novel “Childhood’s End,” focuses on what happens after the alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords.


Warners Bros. Lands Period Action Pic ‘World Breaker’ from ‘Signal’ Director
Warner Bros.
has acquired the script “World Breaker,” co-written by Will Eubank and Philip Gawthorne, which Eubank will direct. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Ben Pugh and Rory Aitken are producing. Joseph Vicenti and Joshua Horsfield executive producing. Story follows a mythical Scottish warlord and his sons who withstand a massive castle siege launched by the ruthless commander of an invading army.

Warner Bros To Remake ‘Who Am I’; Pic Is German Box Office Sensation
Warner Bros
has closed a deal to remake Who Am I, the latest film by German-based helmer Baran “Bo” Odar, who made his directorial debut on The Silence. Who Am I, which premiered in Toronto, is a visual thriller that stars Tom Schilling as a young man who gets pulled into the world of an Anonymous-like hacking group.


Brody Jenner & Stevie Ryan Relationship Talk Show Ordered By E! As Presentation
Reality star Brody Jenner, Stevie TV’s Stevie Ryan and sex and relationship therapist/TV personality Dr. Mike Dow are set to host an untitled relationship live weekly call-in talk show for E!, which will be filming a development presentation in Los Angeles this month. Described as an updated take on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Loveline, the show will tackle love and sex through a celebrity and pop culture lens.


Freddie Wong Believes It’s ‘High Time’ to Finance Long-Form Web Series Like ‘Video Game High School’
Freddie Wong’s
series “Video Game High School” is quickly proving that long-form content can attract massive audiences and advertising dollars on the Internet. But are Google’s metrics making it too challenging for various web series to succeed? Wong’s “VGHS” has lit up YouTube, generating an audience of more than 84 million views in its first two seasons of the 40-minute episodes. The third season of the teen dramedy — set in a world where the coolest high-school kids are intense gamers – has already accumulated 2.5 million views since going live Oct. 13.

Zoe Saldana on Her New AOL Series and Celebrating the People Behind the Stars
In the new AOL Series, “My Hero” executive producer Zoe Saldana and others like Julianne Hough, Maria Menounos, Nick Cannon and Tyler Posey offer surprise rewards to those closest to them or who mentored them. The first episode, which features Saldana and her sisters honoring their mother, launched today and subsequent episodes hit the web at midnight Fridays.

(video) Ridley Scott’s ‘Halo: Nightfall’ series looks awesome in new trailer
Halo: Nightfall
is a digital television series executive produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezza, and written by Paul Scheuring. The official trailer reveals a storyline about a substance that exclusively kills humans. The Office of Naval Intelligence thinks the substance can be seized and retooled to humanity’s advantage in winning the genocidal war against the religious, alien Covenant. And, of course, things will go poorly. Halo: Nightfall is a part of a huge selection of content being released as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, an Xbox One exclusive, on Nov. 11.


Marvel to Show More ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Footage During ABC’s ‘SHIELD’
Following the earlier-than-planned release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer — prompted by an online leak — Marvel Studios has revealed that it will be replacing the announced broadcast premiere of the trailer during next week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD with more footage from the movie. The site stated that footage from the movie will now air during the Oct. 28 airing of Agents of SHIELD, with even more footage debuting the following week as part of the Nov. 4 documentary Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop!


Expanded Filming Hours In Downtown L.A. Shelved Amid Opposition
In April, the City Council asked city officials to report on the possibility of expanding filming hours in downtown. The DLANC, however, came back with its own community impact statement, saying that it “vehemently opposes” the expansion of film hours downtown. Faced with stiff opposition from powerful downtown business interests, proposals to expand filming hours have been put on the back burner – at least for now.

SSN: The Top 10 Takeaways out of Digital Hollywood Fall 2014
The evenings are getting colder, the leaves are changing color, Digital Hollywood rolls into town, and all is right with the world. The digital world, that is. The first three days of DH were a non-stop cycle of panels and presentations followed by pool parties and free-flowing beverages. As always, the week began with a series of high-level presentations at the Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit. If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed.

(books) J.K. Rowling Announces New ‘Harry Potter’ Backstory Tale
In an announcement posted to, Rowling reveals that she has penned a new 1,700-word story that will offer “revealing first-person” thoughts about former Hogwarts professor Dolores Umbridge.