Afternoon News Update for Tuesday, December 23, 2014.

Hi all! Here’s your afternoon news update for Tuesday, December 23, 2014. Have a wonderful Christmas and/or Chinese Take-Out:


DirecTV, Disney Ink Multiyear Pact That Includes Internet-Video Rights
The Walt Disney Co. and DirecTV have announced a multiyear distribution deal, which among other things grants the No. 1 satellite TV broadcaster rights to ESPN, ABC and Disney Channel authenticated online-video services.

Grantland: The Raid: The six-minute ‘True Detective’ tracking shot, and the night TV changed
If the Golden Age of Television was defined by the rise of the writer, whatever comes next will be defined by the arrival of the directors. Over the last few decades, filmmakers had dipped their toes in the small-screen water, for sure. But since 2010, things have been changing. Episode orders have gotten smaller (less time commitment), budgets have gotten bigger (a more attractive working environment). Scorsese directing the Boardwalk Empire pilot was the prologue. Then David Fincher, Jane Campion, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green followed suit. In 2014, we saw more and more major filmmakers move to television — Steven Soderbergh, Jill Soloway — and in the coming years, we will only see a larger spike.

‘Walking Dead’ Prequel Casts Female Lead
‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ alum Kim Dickens will co-star opposite Cliff Curtis.

‘Once Upon a Time’ casts Sebastian Roche
Originals villain Sebastian Roche has landed a guest-starring role on Once Upon a Time.

‘Captain Phillips’ Star Barkhad Abdi Lands on ‘Hawaii Five-0′
Barkhad Abdi is heading to the beach. The “Captain Phillips” star will guest star on an episode of CBS’sHawaii 5-0″.


‘The Interview’: Which Theaters Are Showing the Film on Christmas Day
Indie theaters around the country with screen Sony’s comedy.

Justin Lin to Direct Third Star Trek Movie
Lin is best known for directing several of the Fast & Furious films.


T.J. Holmes Joins ABC News as Co-Anchor of ‘America This Morning’ and ‘World News Now’
ABC News has named T.J. Holmes co-anchor of “America This Morning” and “World News Now,” network president James Goldston announced Tuesday.


Techcrunch: Why Hearst, Disney And Bertelsmann Are Betting Big On YouTube Networks – And What’s Next
Hearst recently announced the acquisition of 25 percent of DreamWorks Animation’s YouTube network AwesomenessTV for a cool $81.25 million. Why would one of the biggest media companies in the world pay so much money for a YouTube network? And, wait, what the heck is a YouTube network? Well, worry not. This article is for you.


Vulture: Shonda, Simpsons, and the Flash: The Most Successful TV Strategies of 2014
ABC’s Shonda Gambit
FXX unapologetically embraces The Simpsons
NBC takes a page out of the CBS playbook
Nobody puts the CW in a corner

Vulture: What We Watched in 2014: A Deep Dive Into the Year’s TV Ratings
The overarching trend in TV ratings during 2014 was the same as it’s been for several years now: Viewers continue to abandon live-TV viewing in favor of non-linear platforms such as DVRs, streaming networks, and video on demand.
1. The Overall Race: CBS and NBC Share the Crown
2. Fox Had the Biggest Declines …
3. … But Also One of the Year’s Most Impressive Newcomers: Gotham
4. The Walking Dead Is 2014’s Biggest Overall Hit
5. Death of a (Duck) Dynasty
6. Cable’s Top Dramas Reached Ratings Parity With Broadcast …
7. … Even As Overall Cable Viewership Fell Off a Cliff
8. ABC Still Knows What (Young) Women Want
9. CBS: The Last True Broadcaster
10. Jimmy Fallon Ruled Late Night

11. Men Will Be Boys
12. Viva Bazinga!
13. Smaller Shows Get Bigger on VOD
14. It Gets Worse

Vox:The 30 best TV shows of 2014
It was another astoundingly good year for television. When I sat down to make my annual list of shows, I had so many potential options that I could have easily done a top 100 list and filled it with shows I mostly liked.
24. Black-ish (ABC)
10. Person of Interest (CBS)
9. You’re the Worst (FX)
8. The Leftovers (HBO)
7. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)
6. Rev. (Hulu)
5. Broad City (Comedy Central)
4. Rectify (Sundance)
3. Transparent (Amazon)
2. Hannibal (NBC)
1. The Americans (FX)

Grantland: The 10 Most Underappreciated Actors on TV This Year
The actors on this list aren’t the flashiest and they aren’t necessarily stars. What they are is terrific and worthy of more attention.
Tcheky Karyo – The Missing
Tracee Ellis Ross – Black-ish
Stephen Rea – The Honorable Woman
André Holland – The Knick
Julianne Nicholson – Masters of Sex and The Red Road
Jay Duplass – TransparentRamón Franco – The Bridge
Andy Daly – Review
Hadley Delany and Ursula Parker – Louie
Melissa McBride – The Walking Dead

io9: Top 10 Harshest Lessons That 2014 Has Taught The Entertainment Industry
This was a tough year for movies and television — we had the weakest box office summer in years, and TV ratings were anemic. Tons of huge, vaunted projects stumbled, and some underdogs thrived. Here are the top 10 lessons we hope the entertainment industry has learned this year.
10. Studio interference with directors isn’t always a bad thing
9. Science fiction television needs one central idea
8. People don’t really want to watch social experiments televised
7. Creators are becoming more powerful than networks
6. The Asian audience will make or break movies
5. You can’t make a tentpole Bible movie that pulls in Christian audiences
4. Y.A. book adaptations only work with dystopias
3. You can’t put a familiar brand name on a totally different movie and have it still work
2. There’s a limit to the value of cross-media synergy
1. Superheroes are not a genre


(q&a) HBR: What Executive Assistants Know About Managing Up
HBR: What does someone who spends all of his time managing up have to teach someone who spends only some time thinking about managing up?
Managing up lands on everyone’s desk depending on your level of ambition and your willingness to expand within your role. You have to learn how to anticipate and read the moment. Executive assistants know what the executive has to do every single day, what must be completed, what’s the goal, what are the deadlines. They are willing to respect someone else’s point of view and work within that parameter. Assistants who are terrific at what they do are very, very collaborative. They understand the business that they’re in and the motivation of the executive.

Wired: How Facebook And ‘Candy Crush’ Got You Hooked
Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. ”World of Warcraft.” “Angry Birds.” The most successful tech products have one thing in common: They’re addictive. And users don’t get hooked by accident.

(video) How to do action comedy
From Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting, an appreciation of Jackie Chan and his particular and excellent brand of action comedy.

Mashable: Solo weddings in Japan: All of the glamour, none of the relationship
Cerca Travel, an agency which also offers Kyoto, Japan, food and art tours among other things, launched a “solo wedding trip” earlier this year. For prices starting at £1,706 ($2,645) “per bride,” according to the Kyoto Convention Bureau. “Are you starting 2015 single and dreaming of your big day, but lacking the all-important ring or groom to get you there? Or is it the case that you simply dream of being dressed in a stunning traditional Japanese kimono but have never had the chance? … Cerca Travel is offering wannabe brides the chance to create the picture perfect Japanese wedding without the need to officially tie the knot.”